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Creating community

join an authentic leadership community • overcome isolation • align your team

Join an authentic leadership community
Leadership can be lonely and defeating. We get it. That’s why we created a community that brings leaders of all industries and backgrounds together.
Overcome Isolation
We are dedicated to bringing people together, sharing leadership practices, and providing community in the digital workforce in order to overcome the isolation we are all faced with today.
Align your team
Helping your team succeed each day is a great way to love and serve them. Learn best practices to keep your team aligned to your purpose. Find tips to help your team members prioritize and align their daily tasks leading to a sense of fulfillment.

This can work for your team too!

"Alignment Leadership helped us to quickly and purposefully get every team member in our organization to paddle in the same direction. Simultaneously our staff felt more connected to each other and personally fulfilled."


Chris Haskins


Founder, Executive Director Of Jail To Jobs

"Alignment Leadership helped me take our abstract company culture and transform it into a solid plan. Now everyone has a clear vision and understands exactly why we do what we do."


Brian Betzen


Chief Technologist of Veratech Solutions

"The Alignment Leadership team was great! They really made our workshop a comfortable safe environment for my team to be vulnerable in sharing their beliefs, passions, and experiences. I highly recommend their consulting services if you care about your team!"


Jenna Leblanc


Director of Coffee and Crisp

"Alignment Leadership has guided me to prioritize people. In the early phases of building a brand, and bringing an idea to life, the tasks are endless. But in the midst of accomplishing tasks, I am reminded that the people next to me on this journey are my priority."


Alexis Griffin


President and Physical Therapist

Our leadership training will teach you that Work Isn't Just about Responsibilities, Tasks, And PRojects - There are people Involved

Work Isn't Just about Responsibilities, Tasks, And PRojects

There are people Involved

Leadership isolates us enough without the help of a pandemic.
The Alignment Leadership team continues to create environments where leaders can connect in authentic communities, helping each other thrive during this season.