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Alignment Leadership Consulting

As a leader, you want to feel like you’re winning. But not just winning alone. You want your team to comprehend and commit passionately to the purpose of your organization.  If you continue to spend your time on tasks that pull you away from your purpose and passion, how much is that affecting the bottom line, increased retention, employee fulfillment, and improved performance?

How We Work With You

The Purpose Project surveys the gifts, passions, talents and personality types of your staff to bring you a complete picture of how your business is uniquely wired.

Next, we bring everyone together for a fun and interactive session that will help each person study their own design and how they are made to have a positive impact both inside and outside the workplace.

Finally, we schedule a private session with you and your leadership team to analyze the results of the survey and discuss a strategy to maximize your team’s strengths and reach your business goals.
On-site workshops provide focused, interactive sessions led by a trained consultant built around culture and purpose to guide teams toward an intended outcome.
Here are a few workshops we offer either in half or full day sessions:
Energize and Refocus
Team Building with Purpose
Strategic Planning
Creating Intentional Culture
Don’t see what you want?
Schedule a call with one of our consultants to see how we can tailor a workshop for your specific need.
Creating an intentional culture based on purpose and employee fulfillment requires ongoing consultation with leaders and their team. Our consultants walk alongside your leadership through 16-20 sessions that guide a four step process of aligning your team to purpose which leads to employee fulfillment.

Purpose Project



This can work for your team too!

"Alignment Leadership helped us to quickly and purposefully get every team member in our organization to paddle in the same direction. Simultaneously our staff felt more connected to each other and personally fulfilled."


Chris Haskins


Founder, Executive Director Of Jail To Jobs

"Alignment Leadership helped me take our abstract company culture and transform it into a solid plan. Now everyone has a clear vision and understands exactly why we do what we do."


Brian Betzen


Chief Technologist of Veratech Solutions

"The Alignment Leadership team was great! They really made our workshop a comfortable safe environment for my team to be vulnerable in sharing their beliefs, passions, and experiences. I highly recommend their consulting services if you care about your team!"


Jenna Leblanc


Director of Coffee and Crisp

"Alignment Leadership has guided me to prioritize people. In the early phases of building a brand, and bringing an idea to life, the tasks are endless. But in the midst of accomplishing tasks, I am reminded that the people next to me on this journey are my priority."


Alexis Griffin


President and Physical Therapist

What alignment leadership will do for you

• Create a culture of employment fulfillment
• Identify company and personal purpose
• boost leadership effectiveness
• energize and refocus your team
• Increase capacity and results
• unify team’s diversity

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