“Chris Meroff’s terrific new book, ‘Align’, reminds us that all great leaders have one thing in common: They know it’s not really about them. It’s about others. And anyone can learn to lead with others in mind. This book can teach you how. ‘Align’ is sure to be the handbook for the next generation of great leaders.”
- Jay Coughlan, Former CEO of Lawson Software and co-author of Five Bold Choices
"I was truly impressed by the rich content of this book by Chris Meroff. If you are a business owner looking for real-world ways to improve the processes and culture of your organization, I highly recommend this read. The author's successes and failures are shared candidly in Align and I love his approach in regard to integrity in all aspects of the business model. The Align approach is laid out simply and summarized with steps to follow easily. This is truly a fresh approach and very motivating!"
- R. Gonzales
"Chris has successfully unlocked the keys to building a thriving organization other authors overlook or misunderstand. In his new book, Alignment Leadership, Chris shares the why and how to truly lead putting the people first, creating an organization where everyone wins. It is a must read for anyone who has the confidence to step away from being the boss and transform into a leader who focuses on employee fulfillment”
- Blair Hickey, Ph.D.
"The leadership style that Align walks through has truly changed my life, my job, and the relationships with those around me. Align completely changes how people view leadership, and paves the way for leaders to create a culture that is service-based, driven by purpose, and encourages work-life integration rather than balance. I have grown as a leader, friend, and coworker through this journey of Alignment Leadership. I would highly suggest this book to anyone who leads a team of people, or anyone who wants to learn more!”
- Lydia McCrummen