Being a leader is not easy. Learning to juggle new responsibilities is one thing, but nothing can prepare you for the anxiety you’ll feel over how you’re perceived, or the ever-present fear that you might disappoint your team or your boss.

You want to improve, but here’s the dilemma: most leadership books totally miss the mark. They either focus too much on theory or they’re aimed at leaders whose top concern is what leadership can get them. As a servant leader who’s looking for results, you need practical advice and a clear path forward — not hollow talking points.

In his first book on Alignment Leadership, Align, Chris Meroff shares four simple steps that will transform the way you lead and renew your self-confidence. Through this process, you’ll develop the courage to connect with your team in a meaningful way and start winning together. If you want to create alignment within your organization and develop a culture built on employee fulfillment, this book shows you exactly how to get there.